What to Expect from Your Real Estate Agent

How to ACHIEVE the best deal when selling your home!

What’s so Great About AgentChoice.org and Why Should You Listen?

Recent national statistics and survey results revealed that only 22.3% of home sellers were satisfied with the Agent who helped them buy or sell their home so it’s little wonder that people get fed up in their dealings with real estate agents.

Many agents just don’t listen to their customers needs and do things like undervalue your property to gain a quick and easy sale… PLUS: it’s not unusual for some agents to totally stress you out because they continually inconvenience you by showing unlikely prospects through your house (outside of schedules open for inspections) and it can get pretty annoying to say the least.
OR they don’t even turn up for the Open House, or if they do, they hand out some brochures and don’t ask anyone to buy the property. (see the ‘secret shop’ section of this Guide)

Formerly, I was part of the training team at the REIQ for several years, and in that time I trained real estate agents from the absolute beginning of their career, through to the more experienced agents through my advanced coaching programs.

When my book sold out its first run, I was absolutely floored. And my audio program was the highest selling audio program at the Real Estate Shop in the year of its release .

Here’s what happens when you come to AgentChoice.org & our
thorough 14-Step Sales & Marketing Process Kicks In…

  • When you apply, you will contacted by a friendly and knowledgeable specialist in your area.
  • They will be able to demonstrate, completely free and without obligation, how a great agent gets the highest price for their sellers in the quickest possible timeframe.
  • They will also go through the seven mistakes booklet in this kit and the potential pitfalls that sellers sometimes fall into, and how to avoid them with precision so the experience is successful and even a pleasurable experience.
  • You will discover what most sellers never get to realise; that selling your property can be profitable, quick and hassle free when you choose an agent that intimately knows the process and the little known strategies that most agents will never discover, because most of them don’t do the required research, study and training that AgentChoice.org has as minimum standards in our expert panel of agents.

This entire service is provided by AgentChoice.org completely free of cost and free of obligation.

What You Can Expect from Your Agent

Service That You Will Enjoy When Using an Agent Approved by AgentChoice.org….

Here’s what happens when you come to AgentChoice.org
& our highly skilled agents start to assist you…
  • All offers to will be in writing and on a official REIQ / Qld Law Society Contract. (or relevant REI paperwork in your state)
  • Your agent will keep you informed at least 3 times per week, or more if you so request it of them, of the progress of the sale, how many hits have been on the website, how many enquiries your property has received, how many inspections, and of course, any written offers and discuss them with you thoroughly.
  • Your agent will give you written feedback at least fortnightly or as you and your agent agree.
  • Your agent will perform their open homes in a far superior manner to their competitors per the criteria outlined in the ‘Secret Shop’ section of this Guide.
  • Every buyer and visitor to your property to inspect will be diligently followed up and qualified to see if they had any interest in buying the property. (see ‘secret shop’ section of this Guide)
  • Your agent will be able to diligently demonstrate their marketing and negotiation skills that they will employ on your behalf to get you’re the absolute highest amount possible for your property.
  • Your agent will have access, and will in most cases highly recommend professional photography as your property needs to be styled and presented in the most attractive manner possible, thus getting you more money in your bank account at the end.
  • Your agent will not charge you a cent more than the PAMD regulated amount of commission (outside of the marketing costs required, ie the ‘parts’ component of the service – QLD only)
  • Your agent will perform all relevant searches and fill in legal documents to the high standard you would now expect.
  • You will be completely protected by your agent acting within the PAMD Act and maintaining the highest ethical standards in your state (eg at the time of printing, the REIQ Standards of Business Practice are the highest ethical standards in Queensland)

In fact we guarantee these things or we will pay their commission for you. (See our eleven point guarantee in the ‘You’re Guaranteee & What’s Next’ part of this Guide).

So we have taken the guesswork and risk out of selling your home and placed it squarely on the shoulders of AgentChoice.org and your agent.