Glenn Twiddle

My name is Glenn Twiddle, and I’m the co-founder of AgentChoice.org and I’m honoured to be associated with such a high calibre of real estate professionals, trainers, specialists, legislation experts and industry insiders who have come together to save you from a potential disaster when trying to tread the minefield of Real Estate agents when selling your home.

My journey into real estate commenced over a decade ago, and in that time, after training diligently for many years and becoming the number one salesperson in our company, the sales trainer for the company was sick and I had been in his training several times so I took the class. Well that was that. From that day on, I was learning the craft of sales training while I was still listing and selling real estate myself.

I now run the Queensland Real Estate Agents’ Summit, the largest Real Estate Training summit of its kind in Australia, and I’ve shared a stage with Kurek Ashley, Mal Emery, Pat Mesiti, Amber Werchon, Kevin Turner, Joel Bauer, Armand Morin, Stephen Dale, Simon Treselyan, Peter Sissons, Jason Adcock, Terri Cooper and many other speakers, authors and Real Estate authorities.

But, YOU’RE interested in my story for about 30 seconds. What all this means for you is the lessons I’ve learned in these years as an agent, Principal Licensee and owner of my own agency, and as the trainer and coach of some of Australia’s best Real Estate Agents.

I mention all this not to impress you, but to impress upon you the certainty that I have spent over a decade in learning what makes a great agent, a horrible agent, and everything in between.

You have heard all the stories about agents, in fact I was quite disturbed by this ‘Reader’s Digest Trusted Professions List’ and where Real Estate agents sat on that list.

Here it is from 2009…

33. Professional footballers
34. CEO’s
35. Sex workers
36. Real estate agents
37. Psychics/astrologers
38. Politicians
39. Car salesmen
40. Telemarketers

*Source – Readers Digest Most Trusted Professions 2009
Can you see who is one profession MORE trusted than agents? For all of us associated with the industry……OUCH……


Another alarming set of statistics was found in the Daily Mail where it was stated, and I quote…

Politicians and estate agents are the least-trusted groups of professionals, according to a new survey of 2,200 adults by consumer group, Which?
The most trusted professions were doctors followed by teachers.
Which? carried out additional questioning of more than 1,500 adults who had at some time bought or sold a property.
They found that 94% of respondents thought estate agents sometimes over valued properties. Around seven out of 10 (72%) thought estate agents sometimes invented offers while 69% thought they falsified sales particulars.

This disturbed me greatly, and we saw a need for a resource for you so you know what to look for in a good and skilful agent, who can add thousands and thousands of extra dollars in your pocket, and who does not cut it.

An unfortunate fact is that the Real Estate industry has a high degree of turnover, with one industry expert quoting a figure as high as 90% who start are not in the industry 2 years later.

What means is, you have a 9 out of 10 chance that the agent you are choosing is either a rookie, or is about to leave the industry, unable to cut the mustard.

Formerly I was part of the training team at the REIQ for several years, and in that time I trained real estate agents from the absolute beginning of their career, through to the more experienced agents through my advanced coaching programs.

When my book sold out its first run, I was absolutely floored. And my audio program was the highest selling audio program at the Real Estate Shop in the year of its release as well, so to say a ‘rough around the edges’ guy from Ipswich was flabbergasted, would be an understatement.

I have since gone on to author three books, countless audio programs, and delivered over 100 seminars and training sessions every year since 2003, including the Queensland Real Estate Agents’ Summit, the largest and most transformational training Summit for Real Estate Agents in Queensland.

Again, what this means for you is you are finally in safe hands to coach you in the art of choosing a Real Estate agent, what criteria to look for and judge them on, and how to avoid being a statistic or a horror story on ‘A Current Affair’ or ‘Today Tonight.’

So please, take a few minutes and go through this package thoroughly. You’ll find it informative, hopefully amusing and certainly eye opening.

All the best with your continuing education and eventual sale,
AgentChoice.org Founder
Author and Australia’s #1 Real Estate Trainer